WalkAnalyst 5.1.0

​The new WalkAnalyst 5.1.0 combines powerful analytical features with intuitive programming to help make WalkAide fitting and programming easy and efficient for you and your patients. It is specially designed to help you attain good clinical outcomes with the WalkAide, whether you're a WalkAide "expert" or you use the technology less frequently. The new WalkAnalyst 5.1.0 offers several user-friendly features and options:

  • NEW Express Adult and Pediatric Programming: the fastest and easiest way to program a WalkAide, with no need to attain gait data from the Walk Link


  • NEW Mode Tab: allows you to quickly change between hand, tilt and heel mode to make the WalkAide more rehab friendly


  • Rapid+ Option: for those clinicians who want to fine-tune the programming process by using the detailed gait analysis/programming option, keeping analytical data available


  • Compatible with desktop, laptop, and tablet devices running Windows 7, 8, and 10


Download WalkAnalyst 4 

   Before upgrading WalkAnalyst from an earlier version,

please backup your old patient data files



Installation Guide Click Here