Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) is the application of electrical currents to either generate or suppress activity in the nervous system. WalkAide employs FES to:

  1. Address foot drop issues secondary to upper motor neuron dysfunctions
  2. Produce effective dorsiflexion at the ankle at the optimum time during walking toimprove limb clearance during swing
  3. Control the foot/ankle during swing in preparation for a safe and effective initial contact period
  4. Maintain and improve mobility and safety during walking
  5. Effect early gait re-training

Therapeutic Electrical Stimulation (TES) is used for the diagnosis and treatment of cerebral palsy, nerve injury, stroke and sports injury. TES objectives include:

  1. Increasing specific muscle strength, endurance and/or range of motion
  2. Reducing, delaying and/or reversing muscle atrophy
  3. Increasing circulation and bone density
  4. Reducing the incidence of injury
  5. Facilitating muscle re-education
  6. Re-establishing or improving voluntary control
  7. Improving sensory awareness

WalkAide and TES
WalkAide provides an exercise mode for therapeutic use. This setting can be programmed to provide up to thirty minutes of individually timed electrical stimulation. Upon recommendation of the rehabilitation team, the exercise mode is adjusted for specific stimulation and rest periods.

​WalkAide is a sophisticated neuro prosthetic device that addresses Foot Drop (also known as Drop Foot, footdrop and dropfoot). WalkAide can only be prescribed by a physician. As with all orthoses, a thorough evaluation by a credentialed and trained medical professional will determine if WalkAide is right for a particular individual. To find a trained medical professional in your area, go to our Patient Care Center Locator.