WalkAide General Care Instructions

While every effort has been made to weatherproof WalkAide, it is not designed for use in water. WalkAide should be removed before showering, bathing or swimming.​

WalkAide may be worn all day but must be removed at night before going to bed. To remove WalkAide, the patient simply releases the Velcro strap at the back of the leg and peels the cuff with electrodes away from the leg.

When not in use, the WalkAide system should be stored in its resealable plastic bag. Electodes should be covered to insure their longevity. Depending on usage, the standard AA battery should last one to three weeks. A red light on the stimulator and an audible beep indicates when the battery needs to be replaced.

WalkAide electrodes should be replaced by the patient every week or two for maximum effectiveness. The trained medical professional that fits the device will instruct users on proper electrode replacement.

NOTE: The WalkAide unit must be turned off during handling to prevent unintentional stimulation and to conserve battery power when it is not being worn.

​WalkAide is a sophisticated neuro prosthetic device that addresses Foot Drop (also known as Drop Foot, footdrop and dropfoot). WalkAide can only be prescribed by a physician. As with all orthoses, a thorough evaluation by a credentialed and trained medical professional will determine if WalkAide is right for a particular individual. To find a trained medical professional in your area, go to our Patient Care Center Locator.