Although WalkAide is a highly advanced medical device, it is comfortable, small and discreet, and quite easy for most individuals to use. It is a small, self-contained unit that consists of a battery-operated, single-channel electrical stimulator, attachement cuff, two electrodes, and electrode leads.




WalkAide is applied directly to the leg below the knee and can be worn discreetly under most clothing. Because it is NOT implanted under the skin, surgery is not required. A cuff holds the system comfortably in place.





WalkAide is designed for single-handed application and removal, which is especially helpful for individuals with hemiparesis. The cuff must be positioned on the leg correctly to achieve effective and efficient stimulation. Therefore, a certified, trained medical professional is required to find the optimal areas and set up the placements of the electrodes on the initial visit.





To apply WalkAide, the skin around the head of the fibula must be cleaned with soap and water. Water should then be applied to the area where the electrodes are placed to impove conductivity. The cuff is placed below the knee on the outside of the leg with the WalkAide unit secured on the promixal medial tibia, distal to the patella. Velcro straps secure the WalkAide system in place.

​WalkAide is a sophisticated neuro prosthetic device that addresses Foot Drop (also known as Drop Foot, footdrop and dropfoot). WalkAide can only be prescribed by a physician. As with all orthoses, a thorough evaluation by a credentialed and trained medical professional will determine if WalkAide is right for a particular individual. To find a trained medical professional in your area, go to our Patient Care Center Locator.