WalkAide International Network 

The WalkAide® System is only available through our network of selected International distributors, nominated and trained by Innovative Neurotronics Inc.

The WalkAide® System is a Class II medical device with FDA approval. It complies with EU regulatory requirements under the Medical Device Directive (MDD) and has CE mark.

The WalkAide® System is available in many countries. Please select the area where you are located and contact the distributor in your respective country. Please contact the WalkAide distributor.

If there is no distributor in your country please contact Richard Eliakim (Reliakim@ininc.us) and provide us information of the cause of the foot drop. Please note that the WalkAide® System is only used for upper neuron lesions. We do directly ship WalkAide devices to international patients. A previous test is needed before confirming the eligibility of the patient. Only appointed distributors and their trained clinicians network are authorized to fit patients. You will be contacted as soon as we have a trained distributor in your country.

New Distributors
Innovative Neurotronics Inc is always interested to expand to new countries where we do not have an exclusive International distributor. If your company is interested to promote the WalkAide System in your country, please email Richard Eliakim (Reliakim@ininc.us).