WalkAide International Partners

The WalkAide® System is only available through our network of trained international distributors. The WalkAide cannot be shipped directly to patients from the USA.

Each patient needs to be evaluated by a trained WalkAide Specialist to determine if they are a candidate. To learn more if you are a candidate for WalkAide, click here.

Please select a region below  to find contact information on our network of WalkAide trained international  distributors:





We are continuously expanding our network of WalkAide trained partners. If there is presently no distributor in your region and you are interested in learning more about the WalkAide System, we can help you contact the nearest distributor in your geographical area.  Please provide your contact information here

New Distributors:

If you are interested  in exploring a WalkAide System distributor partnership in your country, please provide us with your contact information here.  

*The WalkAide® System is a Class II medical device with FDA approval, manufactured in the USA.  The WalkAide complies with EU regulatory requirements under the Medical Device Directive (MDD) and has CE mark.